Do you know, what I know?


There is this great campaign right now by Kotex®. If you visit, there is tons of information and resources for you girls out their regarding your body. Just like the old saying of knowledge is power, this is a time where it’s really important for girls to grow up into empowered women with all the right tools and information to promote being comfortable in your skin and to make positive choices. You can ask a particular question, get involved, and educate yourself while you become a part of this growing community.

Also, you can sign up to receive (for free) a bracelet proudly displaying that you took the first step to be in “the know”. It also comes with a coupon for $1.00 off your next purchase of Kotex®…cha-ching! If you’re a female, make sure to check it out and for you men, spread the word with the lucky ladies in your life to show your support (you might just learn something along the way too)!

Kotex Bracelet

Baby, do you want them scrambled or sunny side up?


Eggs. I wouldn’t say that I absolutely love them, but I sure do like them! Wanna know what one of the coolest things ever is? Having egg-producing chickens. It is so awesome to walk out to the coop and see that your girls have laid some eggs. They’re organic, they taste the same as any of the eggs you buy in the store, and you make some feathered friends in the meantime. I find their clucking and cooing to be soothing and much more pleasing to the ear than cars running and honking, dogs barking their heads off, and sirens. Everyday my girls show more and more personality. Check some pictures out!

IMG_2718 IMG_2722 Alice IMAG1913 The Girls

Do it Yourself…wait, what?!


I made a list of things to accomplish/try/make/do (you get the drift) before my 30th Birthday. I’ll post it at a later date, but one of the “things” is to make some of those crazy simple cool DIY crafts! I don’t have any kids, but it might be a good way to be ahead of the game with what crafts/experiments are the best. When and if ever I have those rug rats, I’ll be that “cool” mom.

So for my first craft, I took crayons and melted them into heart molds. Seemed simple enough to complete without completely butchering it. On a side note, I have no idea what I’m going to do with these completed crafts, but I already warned my mom that she might get some packages mailed to her containing my master pieces! Right off the bat, I didn’t really think the molds looked like the traditional pointed heart, but that’s not the craft’s fault.

Step 1 Crayon Heart Mold

I saw some versions that said to cut the crayons once you took the paper off of them. I didn’t waste my time getting a knife all colored up. I was able to easily snap each crayon into four pieces. I used about half the box of a 24 pack of crayons and only filled the molds about half way. You can add more or less depending on how thick you want your hearts to be.

Step 2 Crayon Heart Mold

I baked these suckers in the oven for about 15 minutes at about 230 degrees. The liquid looked so pretty when I took them out! Oh yeah, I also put the mold on a cookie sheet.

Step 3 Crayon Heart Molds

If you’re going to make these, make sure to let them cool completely. I can be a pretty impatient person sometimes and I didn’t wait until they cooled down and one of them snapped in half. Oops. You can’t really tell in the picture because I smashed it back together (I used that one to scribble with and it reminded me of those rainbow pencils with the multi-colored tips I had back in middle school).

Step 4 Crayon Heart Mold

Overall this craft was simple; including the bake time (but clearly not the cool down time, ha), it took me about 20 minutes. If you like hearts and crayons, this one’s for you!

Oh Shao Kahn, How I Loathe you so!


So I’ve been a bit slow when it comes to playing and beating Mortal Kombat 9 story mode. The graphics on this game were very cool albeit gory and definitely not for the youngsters. I enjoy playing through the story mode and found some characters to be challenging more so than others. However, my most frustrated battle was that of Raiden and Shao Kahn. At the end, Shao Kahn is just so cheap with his moves. He gets you in the corner and traps you until you ultimately lose. He also seems to know what move you’re going to do before you even make it. Bottom line? He sucks. After several frustrating matches over a couple days span, I finally found the solution to beating him. In this order…teleport, uppercut, teleport, uppercut, teleport, uppercut. 😉 Good luck!

A Love that Never Disappoints


I have a fur baby named Mocha. He’s the best; yes, I know… I might just be a tad bit biased in this statement. But here are 18 reasons why he took a piece of my heart.

1. When he wants a quick nap, he looks for my purse.

Mocha takes a Snooze

2. He likes to get down at parties.

Mocha loves a good party

3. He makes his dreams count!

Mocha dreams

4. He likes to chill with squirrels.

Mocha and his friends

5. He likes to take the Easter bunny’s j-o-b.

Mocha as the Easter Bunny

6. He’s secure with his masculinity.

Mocha and his bow

7. He babysits.

Mocha babysits

8. He takes showers.

Mocha showers

9. He celebrates his country.

Mocha celebrates USA

10. He loves summer.

Mocha loves summer

11. He’s mischievous.

Mocha is a trouble maker

12. He loves pretending he’s a farm animal.

Mocha's a piggy

13. He knows his manners.

Mocha has manners

14. He is good with money.

Mocha loves money

15. He rocks the chicken look.

Mocha is a chicken

16. He appreciates a good reading of The Night Before Christmas.

Mocha loves Christmas

17. He watches ESPN videos on his iPad.

Mocha has an iPad

18. He watches his cousins on TV.

Mocha and his cousin

And there ya have it! 18 reasons why this particular fur baby is quite the character.

Roll me up, I’ve gone to Heaven!


I have an unhealthy addiction to fruit rolls. Not the kind in the box, but the old school ones (Jovy) found in the produce section of grocery stores. My Pavlov moment began when I was five years old. Whenever I went to Ralphs with my mom, as a reward for helping bag the groceries, the sweetest grandmother figure cashier would reward me with one of these delicious snacks. I…was… hooked. 24 years later, I find myself starting to drool a little every time I bag my groceries. But they can’t just be any flavors either- only grape, raspberry, apricot, and cherry please!

Hey you…


You’re not alone! Well… of course you’re not. You might have a scaly friend near you or a furry companion in your lap; you might have a huge social circle or a small family unit, BUT whatever the case may be, you still found me.

Me? Who exactly is me? I’m just like you! Well, maybe not exactly, but we might have something in common or we might have experienced something similar. Even though there are 7 billion plus people on this planet, sometimes you might feel alone, or maybe confused, or maybe so happy yet no one is near you to share it with. Maybe you’re just looking for some entertainment; the possibilities are endless! At the very least, I hope you get a laugh or two.

I know sometimes life gets hectic and we start to neglect things we enjoy doing since we’re so wrapped up with helping out others or we have responsibilities to keep us busy… So here I am, finally starting my blog! I’ve been putting it off for-ever and I already wrote many entries… except… they’re in my head! Lets try and unlock some of the good ones at least. I look forward to sharing my stories, ideas and hearing from you! If you’re the silent type, that’s okay too. 😉

So lets break the ice… I’ll start! Nothing says embarrassing like my first encounter with 3-D movies. Way back when, they had a Honey, I Shrunk the Audience film at Disneyland based on the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Being my first true experience with 3-D, I didn’t really know what to expect.

Once I had my hideous oversized glasses on and the film started, I nearly gasped out loud. Not only were objects on the screen brought to life, but those objects chose me, ME in the audience to harass and pester. As I slid lower in my seat hoping for the objects to disappear or to find another victim, I sneakily (or so I thought) shifted my eyes to my right and left waiting to face the whole auditorium looking at me. But wait… as I looked around, to my relief everyone was looking straight ahead and not at me! Rejoice! But how could this be? I immediately removed my glasses and looked around. It was only at this very moment that that my cheeks flushed with that oh becoming shade of red; everyone was seeing what I was seeing- the 3-D experience.

I’m happy to report that now when I watch a 3-D movie, I no longer believe I was lucky enough for those objects to show their true selves only to me. 😉