Hey you…

You’re not alone! Well… of course you’re not. You might have a scaly friend near you or a furry companion in your lap; you might have a huge social circle or a small family unit, BUT whatever the case may be, you still found me.

Me? Who exactly is me? I’m just like you! Well, maybe not exactly, but we might have something in common or we might have experienced something similar. Even though there are 7 billion plus people on this planet, sometimes you might feel alone, or maybe confused, or maybe so happy yet no one is near you to share it with. Maybe you’re just looking for some entertainment; the possibilities are endless! At the very least, I hope you get a laugh or two.

I know sometimes life gets hectic and we start to neglect things we enjoy doing since we’re so wrapped up with helping out others or we have responsibilities to keep us busy… So here I am, finally starting my blog! I’ve been putting it off for-ever and I already wrote many entries… except… they’re in my head! Lets try and unlock some of the good ones at least. I look forward to sharing my stories, ideas and hearing from you! If you’re the silent type, that’s okay too. 😉

So lets break the ice… I’ll start! Nothing says embarrassing like my first encounter with 3-D movies. Way back when, they had a Honey, I Shrunk the Audience film at Disneyland based on the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Being my first true experience with 3-D, I didn’t really know what to expect.

Once I had my hideous oversized glasses on and the film started, I nearly gasped out loud. Not only were objects on the screen brought to life, but those objects chose me, ME in the audience to harass and pester. As I slid lower in my seat hoping for the objects to disappear or to find another victim, I sneakily (or so I thought) shifted my eyes to my right and left waiting to face the whole auditorium looking at me. But wait… as I looked around, to my relief everyone was looking straight ahead and not at me! Rejoice! But how could this be? I immediately removed my glasses and looked around. It was only at this very moment that that my cheeks flushed with that oh becoming shade of red; everyone was seeing what I was seeing- the 3-D experience.

I’m happy to report that now when I watch a 3-D movie, I no longer believe I was lucky enough for those objects to show their true selves only to me. 😉

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