A Love that Never Disappoints

I have a fur baby named Mocha. He’s the best; yes, I know… I might just be a tad bit biased in this statement. But here are 18 reasons why he took a piece of my heart.

1. When he wants a quick nap, he looks for my purse.

Mocha takes a Snooze

2. He likes to get down at parties.

Mocha loves a good party

3. He makes his dreams count!

Mocha dreams

4. He likes to chill with squirrels.

Mocha and his friends

5. He likes to take the Easter bunny’s j-o-b.

Mocha as the Easter Bunny

6. He’s secure with his masculinity.

Mocha and his bow

7. He babysits.

Mocha babysits

8. He takes showers.

Mocha showers

9. He celebrates his country.

Mocha celebrates USA

10. He loves summer.

Mocha loves summer

11. He’s mischievous.

Mocha is a trouble maker

12. He loves pretending he’s a farm animal.

Mocha's a piggy

13. He knows his manners.

Mocha has manners

14. He is good with money.

Mocha loves money

15. He rocks the chicken look.

Mocha is a chicken

16. He appreciates a good reading of The Night Before Christmas.

Mocha loves Christmas

17. He watches ESPN videos on his iPad.

Mocha has an iPad

18. He watches his cousins on TV.

Mocha and his cousin

And there ya have it! 18 reasons why this particular fur baby is quite the character.

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