Will the Real Ogre Please Stand Up?

Have you ever met that person that can tear you apart in seconds (figuratively of course)? I like to personally refer to these people as ogres. In my brain of mine, I picture a giant green, one-eyed monster drooling with venom. I even envision each drop of drool slowly eroding whatever it may hit with just the right amount of pop and sizzle. These ogres can make you stress out, cry, yell to the heavens, or even silence you. Why should these ogres have such power?

As a female, I have heard plenty of times that you have to be stronger, “grow a thicker skin”, and other… well… sounds nice when you say them, but can be hard to implement verbiage! To complicate things further, sometimes our very own love ones, people that are supposed to be on our team, get a little ogre-ish. It is these times that you must use all your strength to stay strong and understand when someone is having an ogre moment and when someone is truly an ogre. That’s the difficult part.

I leave you with this… Ogres may win some battles, but they surely won’t win the war.

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