Spring has Sprung… in a Jar!


Are the birds singing? Can you smell the flowers? It must be spring (in this region anyway)! I created some spring/Easter jars that turned out better than I expected.

You’re going to need jars (I went with the budget friendly mason jars and a random jar I already had).

Mason Jars

You’ll also need some spray paint (I used Rust-Oleum ® Painter’s ® Touch) for the lids of the mason jars. I also went with a primer to make sure that the color would coat nicely.

IMAG2194 IMAG2186

I found these beauties at the dollar store. At the time, I had no idea what I would use them for, but they came in handy!


The most difficult items to find were the plastic rabbits for the top of the lids. I searched the toy sections, dollar stores, and party store for them. I finally found exactly what I was looking for on Etsy.

Plastic Rabbits

I took some random Easter candy and distributed it in layers with Easter basket grass in the random jar. I took the multi-colored eggs and put them in the smallest mason jar.

IMAG2110 IMAG2172 IMAG2174

Now I had the idea to put a milk chocolate Lindt Gold Bunny into the large mason jar. There was a problem, it didn’t fit into the jar…but that didn’t stop me! I put that little guy in the sun for about a minute to soften it a bit. I gently pressed his toe-sies until he could fit into the jar. I put some tape on the bottom of him to secure him to the jar. Once he was in there, I added some Easter grass around him and a piece of the colored branches that I found at the dollar store. I chose the branch color based on the color I was going to paint the lid (oo la la… color coordination!).

IMAG2178 IMAG2180 IMAG2183

Once the spray paint dried on the lids and the plastic rabbits (I had to do multiple coats), I glue gunned the rabbits to the top of the lid. For the random jar, I glue gunned a glittery styrofoam egg.

IMAG2217 IMAG2200 IMAG2202

I had a bird ornament that I found at Michaels for $1.99. Just like the Lindt Gold Bunny, I put it into one of the big mason jars. I changed the ribbon on it to a sheer pink one and I glue gunned the ribbon to a button that I attached to the bottom of the lid (so it would hang in the jar).

IMAG2208 IMAG2219

These were a lot of fun to put together and I was happy with the way they turned out. If you’re looking for a gift for someone or just want to spruce up your digs, then this one’s for you!

IMAG2198 IMAG2211