Goal! Touchdown! Score! Hollywood Style…

I’m going to be putting up some “reviews” (if you wanna call them that) every now and then of some television tapings. I’m the type of person that likes to see what’s up before attending. Read on if you’re like me!

ESPN SportsNation

Tickets available via 1iota
Age: 18+
Attire: Sports gear mandatory
Location: ESPN Studios in LA Live
1011 South Figueroa
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Parking: Standard Parking lot, 709 Olympic Blvd. (corner of Olympic Blvd. and South Flowers St.) Complimentary voucher
Meeting place: P2 level of the East garage in LA Live (they have signs-it’s literally in the parking garage)

You’re almost guaranteed a good time if you go to a taping of ESPN’s SportsNation. Unlike other traditional talk shows and late night television tapings, there is a great deal of interaction and more relaxed attitudes when it comes to cell phones and engagement with the talent. The show is also much more intimate. There is only room for approximately 25 people, yet you don’t have to wait a ridiculously amount of time nor show up super-duper early to attend.  30 to 45 minutes ahead of time are reasonable times to show up (unless otherwise noted on your ticket).

Tickets are available through 1iota and I have found (from attending numerous shows) that the particular 1iota crew working SportsNation is excellent. They are some cool people who engage and chill with you in line and even during the breaks between segments.

The current hosts are Charissa Thompson and Marcellus Wiley. They have various guests ranging from athletes (duh) to movie and television actors/actresses. What I can appreciate about this show is they encourage loud energy and for you to engage with the guests and the hosts. Other talk shows and late night television want that energy, but it’s all very rehearsed and they have heavy rules on yelling things out (see my future posts about those shows). If you want your two seconds of fame, you will usually see yourself a couple of times throughout the taping when it airs.

IMAG2103 Hosts & Athletes

The show also takes care of parking for you via validation (score!). Even though these are free shows, it’s nice to see a show take care of its fans.  Once again, you’ll see what I mean in future posts in regards to parking and cost when you attend other shows.

When I first went to a SportsNation taping, they indicated on 1iota’s page that everyone attending would receive a swag bag, which in actuality, everyone received a t-shirt. Now the website says that only five fans will receive a t-shirt and I have yet to attend one since then. I’ll update when and if I go again. When they have special tapings, they give out some SportsNation swag.

IMAG2697 Swag

Their dress code is casual, but states that you must wear sports gear (jerseys, t-shirts, hats, etc.), and they say that they have the right not to admit you to the show if you’re not wearing this kind of stuff. However, the first time I went, there was only one girl who was not wearing any sports related clothes and they just gave her a SportsNation t-shirt to wear. Another time I went, half the people were not wearing sports gear. They were sat at the back of the bleachers (least likely to be seen on TV). So even though you should wear some sports attire, you’ll most likely still be able to see the show without it.

Now it comes to the almighty cell phone (to some people anyway). You can bring them into the studios and you can even discreetly snap a couple of shots during the times that they are not filming. Just don’t be that person that’s going to ruin it for everyone else, by needing 100 plus pictures so that you can post them on every social media site!


The taping is about 1 hour and before you enter the studios, you go through a security check where they wand you and check your purse if you have one. Depending what time you get there, you’ll be in and out within an hour and a half to two hours.

So get ready sports fans for some great fun when you attend a SportsNation taping!

** The information in my reviews are strictly my own observations based on my own experience at the show and simply observing my surroundings, talking with others attending & the staff. I try to take note of key points so that I can bring you the most accurate information!

4 thoughts on “Goal! Touchdown! Score! Hollywood Style…

  1. Thanks so much for the info! I have a question…did you have the general ticket where they do first come first serve for the free 25 tickets or did you have priority tickets? 25 seems so limited!

    • You’re welcome! I have actually seen a show with both a general ticket and priority. When I had the general ticket though, I was the last one that made it in. I suggest going early if you have the general ticket to increase your chances of making the show by being one of the first ones after the priority group. It really just depends on the popularity of the guest(s), and who shows up on time. Good luck and have fun!

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