Congratulations to the Class of…

I needed to come up with a grad gift for a young man graduating from high school. I didn’t even know what guys liked when I was in high school, and not much has change from then! Ha. Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of the two-liter pop bottles people transform into gifts floating around. In particular, I got some inspiration from visiting Nancy’s Craft Spot.

I took a green two-liter bottle as I thought it gave it a cooler look than the clear ones.

Green Bottle

Here are the goods I stuffed it with: 100 Grand candy bars, Payday candy bars, Grad glasses (from the dollar store), and $30 dollars in one-dollar bills (not pictured).

The Goods

You have to cut a “trap door” as I like to call it, in the bottle. Some suggest making a sideways “u”, so basically a “c”. Others, however, choose to cut saloon style doors. I made the sideways “u”. You can kind of see the opening above the “r” and the “a” of the glasses.

Trap Door

Once the bottle was stuffed, I did put a little piece of tape to the trap door just to make it a bit sturdier.

IMAG2774 Stuffed Bottle

I cut off the plastic ring that’s by the cap and I actually spray painted the cap white just so it gave a cleaner feel to it. I bought a 2013 tassel (from the dollar store) and attached it under the cap. I then covered the hole by wrapping a construction paper border around the bottle. The congratulations emblem on an elastic band was from a gift card box I found at the dollar store (it fit perfect!).


The grad and his family loved it! They didn’t know at first how I managed to get everything into the bottle. I just said it was magic, but that didn’t last long! 😉

Grad Bottle

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