The Best Kind of Cake… No Calories!

Everyone can use some extra cash, right?! There are many examples of “money cakes” out there, but for whatever reason, I find all the green color kind of unappealing. I wanted to make a more colorful cake, but with the same amount of cash!

Most of the items can be found at the dollar store, and being that I did not want just money, I decided to include nail polish, nail stickers, a nail file, and a necklace with the Birthday girl’s initial.

Money Cake Supplies

First, take the dollars you’ll be including in your cake and roll them. It doesn’t really matter how tight you roll them as long as the elastics fit over them. Once you put the elastics around them, the dollars will expand to fit, making it the perfect tube to work with. I also took some scrapbook paper (pink chevron) and made some rolls to give a break to the harsh green color of the dollar bills. These are used as spacers between the rolled money (one scrapbook roll, two dollar rolls, etc.).

Elastics & Money Roll em up!







Taking a styrofoam plate or a paper plate, cover with a poster board of your choice. This will be the base of the cake. I went with black and glue gunned some white ribbon to make some icing.

Money Cake Base

Taking two of the large circular floral foam, I cut them in half and remade them into oval shapes using floral wire. I knew I wanted a different shaped cake to hold the nail polishes. On the second one, I attached another piece of the poster board so that there were layers.

Cake Layers

Taking the third and final large circular floral foam, I hacked it into a smaller circle. Yes, I said hacked. Have you seen my previous problems with cutting?! It’s okay though, because this project is very, very forgiving when it comes to mistakes. I also added two packages of smaller styrofoam (white) circles that I left in the plastic packaging. They came in twos, so four total.

Cake Layers Going on Up

This is where the fun part really starts. I covered the layers with plain pink scrapbook paper to go with the chevron pink striped dollar rolls and started to wrap the layers with ribbon (a purple and a shimmery white).

Ribbon Time

Ribbon Time 2

See? The hack job is totally disappearing.

…Which leads me to the edges. They too, are all messed up looking, but I took some black beading strands and glue gunned them to make some pretty trim! I also added some fake purple flowers to go with the theme.

Cleaning up Ugly Edges









Now that my cake was all set, I just had to add all the details. I randomly placed the nail polishes and I actually put a dot of hot glue on the bottoms to make sure they didn’t fall off. The bottom layer which had the majority of all the bills were secured with a white ribbon. To make sure that stayed, I glue gunned a small dot on the chevron rolls to the ribbon as I went. This made it super easy! I made a small cluster of bills on the top of the cake, which I also secured a white ribbon around, only I attached it to the surrounding nail polishes with some of the glue. This is where I also built a little pole that included the nail stickers, nail file, and necklace. As a final touch, I stuck a “Birthday Girl” pin into the side (from Amazon) and took a long bamboo skewer that I attached some Pop Rocks to with a little sign I made that said, “Sweet 16 Rocks”.

Finishing Touches

This was a big hit, and spent most of the night as the centerpiece for the table of gifts. This money cake takes very little time to bake and is very easy to make adjustments to any imperfections. If you know someone that would appreciate a cake without the calories, then this one’s for you!

Final Money Cake

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