Peep, Peep! Happy Easter Goes the Bunny!


Peeps are so cute, it’s kind of hard just to eat them. Making a Peep wreath is the perfect way to showcase their cuteness on your front door.

The only materials I used to make this wreath were a Styrofoam wreath ring, some ribbon, a variety of bunny Peeps, glue gun, and miniature Styrofoam glitter eggs.

Peep Wreath

I wrapped the ring with two types of ribbon.

Peep Wreath

Then I just made a pattern with the Peeps and eggs and glue gunned directly onto the ribbon. If you like looking at Peeps as much as eating them, then this one’s for you!

Peep Wreath

Would the Easter Bunny Approve?!


I originally saw this craft featured on a blog called Modern Parents Messy Kids.

Upon doing some research on the web, I found that some people find crafts that use paint chips controversial because they see it as a form of stealing. My take? Well, you only have a certain amount of energy to invest into ideas, opinions, causes, life, etc. and you have to choose what battles are worth fighting. If you asked me where I would put my energy if it was between something like the clubbing of seals for their fur, or the use of free paint chips, I’m going to put forth my energy towards the banning of commercial seal hunts. With that said, here’s how the craft turned out!

First, I took the paint chips that come in rows of four.

Paint Chip 1

I cut them in half so there was the single white line between two colors so it makes it look like an Easter egg.

Paint Chip 2

Then I traced an egg shape and cut them out.

Paint Chip 3

On a side note, this craft was a pain in the bum for me! When it came to the cutting of the eggs, I was too much of a perfectionist that I didn’t like how I cut them the first time, so I kept cutting them and cutting them to try and make them better. Ugh, see below. They didn’t even come close to any kind of uniformity. Me trying to cut straight with scissors? FAIL!

Paint Chip 3

Lastly, I took a ¼ hole punch and made two holes on each egg. I took a sheer pink ribbon and thread it through each one creating a garland/banner.

IMAG2037 Paint Chip 4

This garland is totally customizable. You can mix the colors up, write on them, throw some glitter on them, go crazy!

Paint Chip 5

Basically, this took me about 2 hours since I kept re-cutting my eggs. If you have patience and you have great cutting skills where making a decent egg shape is no problem, then this one’s for you!